Dental Care Made Affordable

We know that dental work can be expensive. We also know that it can be easy to put your dental needs on the back burner. Poor dental health can lead to health issues in other systems of your body. Dental infections, if left untreated, can spread to other areas of the body and be potentially life threatening.


 We want to make sure that your dental needs are being taken care of. If this causes a financial burden on yourself or your family, we have another option that may allow you to get the dental work that you need at an affordable rate.


Oasis Family Dental Centre and TLC Family Dental Centre have partnered with Health Smart Financial- a third party loan service that will take care of your dental bill (at an amount that you are pre-approved for) and allow you to pay back interest-free over 12 months.


If you are interested in learning more about Health Smart, you can click the link below. Alternatively, you may stop in at one of our locations for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to submit an application to check to see how much you would be approved for, if you would like!