My teeth do not hurt. Why do I need to go to the Dentist?

The feeling of dental pain is often the end result of long-standing oral disease. Regular dental examinations can catch and assess common problems early on in the disease process. This early  detection of dental or soft tissue disease can potentially save you from more expensive dental procedures or unrelenting pain.

Dental examinations involve much more than just looking at your teeth and are just as important for people who have lost their teeth.  Typically, your dental team will perform a complete review of your medical history. Certain aspects of your medical history may include health conditions that can be associated with oral health problems or may in turn affect the success of certain dental treatments. Your dentist or hygienist will perform an extra oral head and neck examination as well as an intra oral examination, which includes an oral cancer screen. These examinations look for hard and soft abnormalities or inflammation that could indicate general and oral health problems. In addition to examining your dentition for caries and other tooth conditions, your dentist and hygienist will assess your periodontal or “gum” health. Radiographs, also known as “X-rays”. are a critical diagnostic aid utilized by your dentist and are recommended to be taken if necessary depending on your oral health status.

Your dentist will explain to you what is happening during your examination and will also let you know about his or her findings. It is very important for you to be aware of your oral health status because you plan the most important role in maintaining it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your dental office.


Dr. Daniel Nosyk. B Sc. D.M.D