Oasis Dental’s Annual Kids Day 2016

Oasis Family Dental Centre held their annual “Kids Day” this past Saturday, September 24 and it was a huge success. We saw just under 100 patients for their routine dental exams and hygiene appointments! Along with their routine appointments, we supplied the children and their parents with oral hygiene instruction as well as how to avoid caries by ensuring your child is getting the proper nutrition (and avoiding copious amount of sugars, including juice). Aside from their visits, we also had other forms of entertainment including face painters, a magician, balloon animals and a bouncy castle. We have not chosen a day for next year though, however we are keeping a list of patients who want to come! Call the office at 780-986-0016 and let us know if you are interested in attending next year, and we will be sure to call you when we have chosen a date.

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