Dr. James Scramstad

  • B.Sc. 1994 University of Alberta
  • D.D.S. 1996 University of Alberta
  • Member, ADA&C
  • Member, BC College of Dental Surgeons
  • Member, CDA

“I’m here to give our patients the best dental experience of their lives, in a warm, inviting environment.”

Dr. Scramstad’s DNA carries dental enthusiasm — his dad is also a dentist. The dynamic duo worked alongside each other for years. The elder Dr. Scramstad recently hung up his cape; Jr. is just getting better with age. He didn’t know as a kid he’d follow in his dad’s footsteps, but he did know he was good at polishing and grinding his dad’s dental models. “He’d bring them home for my brother and I to earn our allowance. He put us to work!” Dr. Scramstad says with a smile. And, he enjoyed the job. The University of Alberta grad joined his dad’s Kelowna practice in 1996, where he helped grow that thriving office. Dr. Scramstad was chomping at the bit for a new challenge when he learned Oasis Family Dental Centre was looking to add orthodontic care; It was a natural fit! Leduc’s a short flight from Kelowna and Dr. Scramstad has roots in the area. Dr. Scramstad happily mentors the eager Oasis dentists on the fine art of orthodontics.

His philosophy is the same as theirs: Modern care with an old-fashioned, patients-first attitude. Get to know your patients and deliver friendly service. “Make sure you look after people when they make the effort to come and see you,” Dr. Scramstad says. “Be part of the community.”

When he’s not straightening things out at the office, Dr. Scramstad loves spending time with his wife, Natasha, and their young kids, Koa and Maléa. He’s also an avid skier, hiker and biker, and loves to hit the water in a boat, or on a surfboard. Dr. Scramstad finds his role as a family man has brought to him a new perspective on orthodontic care, for both adults and kids. “Your priorities change when you have kids. I’m much more thankful for my profession.”