Dr. Sameer Syed

  • School of Dental Medicine, SUNY at Buffalo
  • AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse, Surgical and Didactic Implantology Certificate
  • Member, ADA & C
  • Member, CDA
Meet Dr. Sameer Syed, a dentist who’s never, ever had a cavity.
But, don’t let that intimidate you; It’s not simply because he’s so passionate about dental hygiene. He readily admits there’s a little bit of luck involved in his dental dominance.
“I inherited some good genes!”
That’s right, developing a cavity now and then shouldn’t get you down. There’s a little more to it than just dedication to tooth greatness. But, of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep brushing and flossing for optimum periodontal health!
Boyhood trips to the dentist in Scarborough, Ontario, sparked Dr. Syed’s love of dentistry. Yes, you read that right — Dr. Syed enjoys going to the dentist. The office was clean, it smelled good, and dental technology really impressed him.
“They were always really nice to me, too. All these things were positives to me, seeing what dentistry was all about. That played a big role in me wanting to become a dentist.”
Dr. Syed is a real knockout, too. No, we don’t mean like that! He’s focused his dental career on sedation. Dr. Syed cares for some of the most anxious patients that come to the office.
“I really want to get them to a place where they’re comfortable, so they actually look forward to coming, like I did. “That’s really gratifying.”
An arsenal of items are unleashed at his hands to ease anxiety, from medication, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and a soothing, calm voice. As well, he’s a super nice guy!
Dr. Syed graduated from a Buffalo, New York, dental school in 2004 and shortly after started practicing in Red Deer. In 2013, he headed north. He’d never been to Leduc, but quickly fell for it and the clinic he works at now. He could have taken an Edmonton position, but Leduc is just that awesome!
“You become part of the community. You care about it. They support you, and you want to give back. It’s more than a job, for sure.”
Recently, he’s taken up cycling, spending a lot of time in Edmonton’s river valley and he’s an avid ball hockey player.
Healthy body, healthy mind!