Dr. Sonu Sharma

  • B.Sc. 1996 University of Alberta
  • D.D.S. 2002 University of Alberta
  • Member, ADA&C
  • Member, CDA

“For me, nothing is more rewarding than a patient overcoming their fears, getting them to know they’re in good hands.”Feeling a little fear over your trip to the dentist?

Well, you’ve found an Oasis. Dr. Sonu Sharma is driven to make your visit to his office the most comfortable … ever.

A Leduc dentist since 2003, his passion for his patients is rivalled only by his yearning to learn new and better ways of caring for them.  Dr. Sharma’s latest challenge is orthodontics, one of dentistry’s most demanding and important fields. He loves moulding straighter smiles and better bites!

Quite simply, learning better ways to treat a patient is always on Dr. Sharma’s must-do list.

While he gladly bends over backwards for his patients, he doesn’t want to hurt himself doing it.  So, he’s become a bit of a yogi. “It helps me stay calm and focused,” Dr. Sharma says from a nearly perfect tree pose.

Calm, like Leduc. Dr. Sharma could be a Big City dentist, but why? “I love Leduc. It’s more like a small town. People stop to talk. You get a little more time with people. I like to give some of that time back to my patients.”

He also works in exotic places outside Leduc … far, far outside Leduc. He’s volunteered for treks deep into countries such as Uganda and Nicaragua to fill a desperate need for dental care.
His many charitable trips have sparked a new challenge: He’s become a leader with Change for Children, an organization that aids struggling communities in the developing world.
When he’s not at work, or studying, you’ll find the crooner strumming his acoustic guitar. Don’t worry, Dr. Sharma won’t “play” guitar while he’s working on you. But, he’s been known to sing a little. And, as you’ll soon tell, he’s not going to be going on tour anytime soon!